Red Shirt & Doctor 1


After spamming the feed with photos for so long, I decided to go for something more bloggy. Just to let you know what’s happening 😉

Alright…let’s focus on the first half of the title: Red Shirt. I have loved the music of Jonathan Coulton ever since I first played Portal. While browsing YouTube, I recently came across a live concert of J.C. titled just “BEST. CONCERT. EVER.“. And it really is. It’s from 2008, so it’s a wonder I haven’t stumbled upon it sooner, but what can I do. So, check out the concert if you want (it’s so worth it!), but the main thing I wanted to share something a little different. Red shirt is one of more recent songs written by Jonathan and you might have already guessed what is it a reference to. If not, keep reading and watch the video. Yes, the video…that’s the main point! I stumbled across this video. In my opinion, this is really worth sharing!

“Animation of the Jonathan Coulton song, “Redshirt”. Animation Written, Directed, Created, and Produced by the West Lynn Heights School Digital Voices Program.” Check description on YouTube for more info!

OK, and now for the second part of the title. I’m sure many of you out there are familiar, or in better case are captivated by, the cult that is Doctor Who. I recently fell down this rabbit hole too, but I stopped after first two seasons. BUT, I mean the modern (2005) day Doctor Who. Somewhere in my brain, there was an urge to get familiar with the original Doctor Who. Also, I wanted to compare modern day Daleks with the originals 😀 So, the original Doctor Who…I love that show and I highly recommend you to watch it to if you’re into this subculture. I guess I mainly love it for the tech. And now I don’t mean the Doctor’s tech, but I mean the film tech and the acting as well. It’s just so great to see what they could do with so little money and so few people. It’s so great to see they left all the mistakes in and did not reshoot the scene. At the same time, I’m really surprised what the creators came up with. What a visionaries! Personally, I think that anyone who loves science fiction in general should watch at least the first episode, The Unearthly Child and get to know the first Doctor, played by William Hartnell.

So, have fun and I hope you don’t mind this is not a photography post 😉


P.S.: It’s quite hard to get your hands on the original show, so here is a torrent for the first season.


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