Hi everyone,

another photos from Austria.









Heya everyone,

another photo catching. In Prague, while I was wainting for my project presentation at hallway. Nice staircase.


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Snaps 2016


Well, this year we really haven’t been active so far…share-wise. We’ve abandoned any attempts at regularly scheduled sharing and decided to just share when we feel like it. Problem is, we don’t often feel like it. Personally, I have reached a new level of laziness with my process. I take the photos, I process them but I am so put off by the thought of exporting, organizing and naming them I just don’t share it and go play Black Ops or SWTOR instead :D. Well, I don’ know how, but I managed to actually finalize a batch of photos. Some of them a remnants from 2015, but most of them are more recent. Today, I want to share those 2015 ones so I can start with the new ones.

This first one I already shared in a colour version, but I really like the b&w one too. I actually also have two different b&w versions too, but I like this one more. It is also a brilliant example of the use of my Samyang 12mm F2.0 lens and RawTherapee’s (and Pat David’s) film emulation. This one is called In the Undergrowth.


This one I’m not really that proud of, but I like it for some reason…maybe it’s the symmetry. I also recall taking this photo on more occasions, but I couldn’t even find the other versions. I call this one Windows 2015.


This one is over half a year old. This couple was building a nest underneath the roof of our cottage and I just happened to have my monstrous Tokina 75-260mm F4.5 lens with me. I guess the thing I like the most about it is the title I’ve given it: African swallows are non-migratory. If you don’t know what the title refers to, Google it 😀


Have a great day!


In the Garden


Chr chr cha…cha cha. Chrrr cha cha. Cha chr RawTherapee cha cha Film Emulation cha cha.

And for those of you who don’t speak GELF: Another photo of my super photogenic sister. I’m afraid I’ll be using RawTherapee’s Film Emulation very often now ;).




A Girl and a Pidgeon


Well, it’s been some time again…and I’ve run out of excuses :D. I have loads of photos piled up in my PC, but who has the time to process them?! I took this one in summer with Sears 135 mm f/2.8 lens. And while I love shooting with all those vintage lenses, it’s so darn hard to focus these longer focal lengths fast enough! I mean, when I’m out with my 12 mm f/2 Samyang, I just set the focus on the infinity marker and I know I have everything from 1.5 meters to infinity in focus. But with 135 mm, I actually have to pay attention :D. That being said, this is not the photo I originally wanted (the pidgeon was originally closer to the girl and static!), but before I could focus properly, the pidgeon got too scared. But the outcome is still quite nice.

For upcoming photos, I guess I will have couple of B&Ws to post. I might have already mentioned it in previous post: I really fell in love with RawTherapee’s film simulation, which works extremely well with the images produced by the vintage lens. Interestingly, it seems to work the best with my Industar lens (28 mm f/2.8 and 55 mm f/2.8). You’ll see 😉

Have a great day





Well, it has been a while AGAIN! Unfortunately, I’m now forced to study a bit and write a paper for a conference. Still, during the times of procrastination, I managed to process some shots.

This one I took about 3 months ago…maybe even earlier, but have forgotten about it. It one of the last remnants of what I think was a part of some local fortification. It has no been torn down. I even remember a house standing on the plateau above it, but that was like 10 years ago. Anyway, here it is 😉

It’s a regular black and white, but soon, I might try to remake it with RawTherapee’s film simulation I recently started to play with (spoiler: it looks amazing!)


Barbed Wire Once Again


Ye…I know I’ve already posted a similar photo…just taken from different angle. I just couldn’t resist giving it another try. This time at least taken with different lens…the 135 mm F/2.8. I’ve played a bit with the b&w processing and mainly GEGL c2g – I created several layers with different setting and they played around with layer blending. These legacy lenses, and I mean all of them, don’t always have the best colour rendition and some of them tend to fringe quite a lot, but they work so great for grayscale! Yes, when we take the colour away, it’s pretty much just a thing of contrast, but every lens has it’s characteristic properties that are sometimes pretty hard to identify and sometimes they hit you right in the face. One way or another, this 135 mm quickly became one of my favorites. It’s a bit difficult to use it sometimes, especially on a crop sensor body, but when you do fit it to the situation, it’s worth it 😉 Plus, it looks awesome! 😀


An Old Russian & Macro Work


Well, to be honest, I’m writing this post mainly to let you know, there is a new article in the “Insider” section – a review/tutorial on macro extension rings. If you actually open the article, you’ll see I like to use one of my recently gained lens for macro work – the Industar-69 28 mm f/2.8.  I like this little lens for many other reasons and I intend to make a short review sometime soon, but I’d like to mention the B&W photos taken with this little piece of glass. The lens is very sensitive to flare and if there is some sideways light, it always gives the picture that “matte” look. Also, being quite old, the pictures are usually a bit soft, but that adds nicely to the antique look of the photos, especially in black and white. And so I thought, that the best thing the lens can present is the lens itself…and here is the “lens selfie”. Processing done entirely in RawTherapee.

Be sure to check the review of macro extension rings and have a great day!



Lucky Random Snap


It’s not everyday you get a random picture, that you later find to be quite good. Well, abut a week ago I was going through my pics and I stumbled across one! I can’t really say I remember shooting this one, but whatever :D. Also, it’s not every day Jana lets me post a picture of her, but this time she made an exception…I guess because she liked this one :D.

While editing it, Jana asked me to smoothen her skin a little bit. I didn’t think she needed that, but it gave an an opportunity to improve my skills in this area. I’ve done some retouching already, but this time, I wanted to give a go to something a bit different. Some time ago, I stumbled across this article on Patrick David’s blog and in Gimp Magazine issue 5 (he also created a newer version at and I was really looking forward to having something to try it on and Jana simply “pushed” me into it. I have not gone into any crazy details like Patrick does, but I have used the basic idea: wavelet decompose and selective blurring of a different detail levels (took me only about 15 minutes). With this result, Jana was happy and let me post it.