Unexpected adventures

Hello everyone,

I know that this blog wasn´t working for some time, but now I have a little time and  energy to edit all photos from last half year, so I hope  I will post most of the photos in few  days. This year was full of unexpected adventures, we traveled a lot and succesfully finished another year of university (and Stanley has the masters degree in nanomaterials now 🙂 ).  I started to use  RawTherapee, so I´m now open source user in photography stuff (I still need some paid programs for my work to school), but I´m still learning it.

Hope you will like new photos!




Stars of Nature

Hi again!

Another one buried under the gigabytes. I dont even know what this is…I just recall it is some plant/flower 😀



Hello everyone!

another photos were taken one great day with Stanley’s grandparents. These photos are from an old beehouse. The last colony of bees was here in 2007.

Hope you like the photos.




Rotten to the Core

Oh hi!

Has this ever happened to you? “It’s a deep night, somewhere in the middle of the forest, no light around apart from the moon and stars. And suddenly, you see a light source on the ground. You move closer ot examine it and find out it’s a decomposing bit of wood!”

That’s pretty much to gist of what happened to us. So I got asked If I was able to photograph a light source this weak (let’s face it…it’s barely visible unless it’s pitch dark). I took my 12 mm f/2.0 lens and what do you know…it worked! I had to keep the exposures pretty long, but I didn’t care…the shots were worth it. I then took out a speedlite in hope to capture a bit of a background with the glowing wood too. I have used the weakest output possible and bounced it off the other wall of the shed and it created the overal fill pretty nicely…but I’d still like it even weaker. I then had to rely on a long exposure to make the glow strong enough to have something to work with in PP. (TBH, in reality, the colour wasn’t so pronounced, but this is still dialed down from what the camera captured – that was crazy radioactive green!)




Urban Beauty


I like to put things into weird perspective to give it a new look. That’s the reason I really enjoyed today’s two photos. I don’t know whether I should go on and explain what’s my “perspectivity” with these two or let you find out yourself. I guess I can just give you the photo titles and you can work from that ;). Anyway, here you go!

The first one is called “Watchmen in the sky” and the send one is “Sub-urban”.




Shot, Processed & Unpublished


Last time I shared a photo, I thought to myself I was quite ahead of the thing a week game. Since then, I’ve shot hundreds of photos and I’ve even gotten around to process them. However, being ahead of the plan, I somehow neglected to publish the photos! I realized that about two days ago and I’d like to redeem it now in big style – two photos a post! Hmm, I thought it might sound more exciting, but I guess that’s a fail.

So this first one…it’s a bit of an experiment. I wanted to have sort of an old-school movie effect with reflection in warm colored metal. Along with that, I went for some ultra-wide impression. I think the result sort of works.

28-UltrawideThe second one is a little abstract-y. I really like this preset I created for RawTherapee and I keep improving it every time I use it. I call this photo “Bricked”.


Car Crash!


Walking around the forest can sometimes yield interesting things to capture. As I was coming around the tree, this broken car suddenly appeared in front of me. It made a great contrast with the natural surroundings. I circled it for a bit to find a nice position and then snapped this picture. I also really like how the broken wheel is just lying there next to it. Taken with my Sears 135 mm f/2.8.



Happy Wednesday,

photo for this week is macro. It was taken while I was looking for some photography inspiration and this small piece of paper lied on my bed (my favourite evening activity: I draw or write in my notebook). Hope you like it 🙂




Barbed Wires


So here is another of my photos for this year. I’m not sure what lens I took this one with, but I think it was the Canon telephoto. Processed only with RawTherapee. I didn’t really feel like patching anything up in Gimp.

I like the overall atmosphere of the picture. This is a place along my usual way to the university. There is a fence with this barbed wire at the top. The fence itself is totally irrelevant…it just stands in there for few meters and then nothing. But the contrast against the building in the background just got me. Hope you like it at least half as I do 😉 Looking at it now, it might look pretty nice in black and white…I might give that a try soon 😉