I Can’t See a Thing!

Hi again!

While Aquapac is a great thing, it, however, has a big diasdvantage. You just can’t see what is in your shot! There is just too much ambient light in the water and so you can’t see a thing either in the viewfinder on on the screen…not even with maximum brightness. Most of the time we ended up just point-and-shooting and hoping fo some result. and this is what it looks like in practice:



Suitable for Profile Photo


The Aquapac camera bags are great! They certainly produce great profile photos. Of course, it is all about choice of the subject 😉 thanks Jana!



Shooting underwater is really fun and makes you the center of attention 😀


While testing the Aquapacs (which we hope to be reviewing soon 😀 ) we had a lot of fun. It was only sham we were not in any life-and-colour rich area of water. Still, we managed to get some shots and even a footage (altho just a test funky one…). Jana looked just awesome there with her 500D! Tune back for more 😉



Contrast is Great

Contrast is great and even better: IN COLOUR!

Hello everyone!

When we tested our camera waterpacks, I accidentally snapped this photo. I say accidentally, because it’s extremely difficult to shoot something this was intentionally. When you put your camera in bag, the bag into water and cover your eyes with goggles, there are so many interfaces, the light from the viewfinder or LCD jusst doesn’t come through, so you just point and shoot and HOPEFULLY capture something. Well, and this was the result. Almost no corrections whatsoever…

And the sillouette in the background…I believe it’s my father 😀