Hello there,

one month ago I was with my schoolmates at Karlovy Vary to check out the hotel Thermal for reception and lobby redesign. In the evening we had a time for short walk to the city centre.









Morning Prague

Hello everyone,

 this is the first time I post a photo taken by mobile phone (because I´m too lazy to take my camera with me).  It´s from Prague where I spent the whole day visiting some exhibitions of modern art with my schoolmates.  One of them was posing for me in  the photograph  🙂



Before it Rains

Hello there,

I hope you´re not frustrated of my summer photos, because here is another one!             [I can´t get myself to edit new photos] Liberec in its beauty.



Urban Beauty


I like to put things into weird perspective to give it a new look. That’s the reason I really enjoyed today’s two photos. I don’t know whether I should go on and explain what’s my “perspectivity” with these two or let you find out yourself. I guess I can just give you the photo titles and you can work from that ;). Anyway, here you go!

The first one is called “Watchmen in the sky” and the send one is “Sub-urban”.




The Line

Happy Thusday everyone!

I´m back! I wasn´t on some great journey and I haven´t got a lot of great photos. I was at home on my pc and I was working on my bachelor thesis. Now it´s done and I have got a little time to add new photos. All of them were taken in my neighbourhood. After exams I hope for better opportunities to take some good shots.