Sooo long time…

It has been over half a year since our last post..what the heck?! Yes, we have had a lot on our hands, but still…nine months is a looong time. Let me try to redeem that…

I spent the last two months in Alabama in the city of Birmingham. For a last weekend, we went south to a friend’s house at the Dauphin Island. Second night there, I went to the balcony at around midnight and saw the sky was clear, it was new moon and lots of stars were clearly visible. I just couldn’t resist.

It took me almost two hours to find a good setup of the scene. By that time, clouds started to roll in, so the sky was not as clear as it might have been, but I think the result is definatelly worth it.

Right now, I’m staying in New Jersey and going to Manhattan daily and I have gotten a couple more good images…if I’m in a good mood tomorrow, I might even share some more 😀


Oh and by the way, in about a week or so, we will be slightly updating the blog name 😉


The Lonely Mountain

Hi there!

here´s another summer photo 🙂



Couple of mobile shots from the past year…


It’s been a long time (again, I know…), but I’d like to share a couple of photos. As much as I love my Lumia 520, there is one area which I’m not all that satisfied with. The camera. While I consider it to be good enough for me, seeing it compared with my sister’s iphone, it lags behind.

So I naturally wanted to see if it can be “fixed” in post processing. I’d call it a success. Just a small note: thi first one is not edited with any cross-process filters…this is how the sensor captured the scene…I just bumped the contrast a bit.

In about two months I’ll be getting Lumia 650. The camera reviews seems to be quite good, so I’m looking forward to that. I’ve also looked at the 830 (I think it is…) with PureView camera..that would certainly be a good thing too, but I really like the OLED display of 650 and the design is very nice to me.

Hope you like those ^^













Night in Austria

Heya there,

the photo is from Austria in february. And I know, I´m horrible person, it´s autumn and I´m posting photos from winter 😀



Unexpected adventures

Hello everyone,

I know that this blog wasn´t working for some time, but now I have a little time and  energy to edit all photos from last half year, so I hope  I will post most of the photos in few  days. This year was full of unexpected adventures, we traveled a lot and succesfully finished another year of university (and Stanley has the masters degree in nanomaterials now 🙂 ).  I started to use  RawTherapee, so I´m now open source user in photography stuff (I still need some paid programs for my work to school), but I´m still learning it.

Hope you will like new photos!



Austrian Alps


You might have caught a photo from Austria by Jana already, but despite having quite a lot of photos from there, I haven’t yet shared anything. And there is a lot of things to share!

As pretty much anyone would have guessed, we didn’t go there for photos, but mainly for skiing and snowboarding. However, we managed to find some time for our favorite hobby too, even if it meant taking the camera to the slope with us. Mirrorless comes handy in this way! We usually took the lift to about 1600 meters above sea level and then went down to about 800. However, from where the lift ended, it was possible to walk up another 20 height meters and from the summit, it was possible to capture breathtaking landscapes of the area. It was also a target of many skialpinists, so it was fun talking to them there. So, here is a photo from the summit, taken with my 12 mm lens. I think you can imagine it’s not fun to ride down the slope with your beloved camera on your back…it indeed wasn’t as I was in permanent fear of falling on my back (on a snowboard, this is not a problem to happen :D). Luckily, Nex-6 is actually quite tough little camera, so even thought I at one point landed on the camera a bit, it hurt me more then the camera. In fact, considering this camera is not water, dust or shock resistant, it endured remarkably much with me already.

Well, here you go.