Couple of mobile shots from the past year…


It’s been a long time (again, I know…), but I’d like to share a couple of photos. As much as I love my Lumia 520, there is one area which I’m not all that satisfied with. The camera. While I consider it to be good enough for me, seeing it compared with my sister’s iphone, it lags behind.

So I naturally wanted to see if it can be “fixed” in post processing. I’d call it a success. Just a small note: thi first one is not edited with any cross-process filters…this is how the sensor captured the scene…I just bumped the contrast a bit.

In about two months I’ll be getting Lumia 650. The camera reviews seems to be quite good, so I’m looking forward to that. I’ve also looked at the 830 (I think it is…) with PureView camera..that would certainly be a good thing too, but I really like the OLED display of 650 and the design is very nice to me.

Hope you like those ^^















Heya everyone,

another photo catching. In Prague, while I was wainting for my project presentation at hallway. Nice staircase.


WP_20160215_14_35_54_Pro WP_20160215_14_36_05_Pro

In the Shadow

Hello everyone,

last time I posted something on this blog was almost three months ago. Many things happened from that time and I think now it´s time to post new photos. This photo is one month old. It was taken at Austria, Gossau, where we were skiing.

Hope you like it



Morning Prague

Hello everyone,

 this is the first time I post a photo taken by mobile phone (because I´m too lazy to take my camera with me).  It´s from Prague where I spent the whole day visiting some exhibitions of modern art with my schoolmates.  One of them was posing for me in  the photograph  🙂



Bottoms Up!

Hi everyone!

The first part of my studies is over now and so I can finaly spend my time with photography. I found this one tucked deep in my photo folder. I was planning to upload it long ago, but didn’t remember to do it 😀

As I was drinking some mineral water from this green colored PET bottle, Itried to look into it when it was in horizontal position. It was quite interesting picture, so I tried to take my camera and take a photo. No…the lens was too big to capture it like this. I then tried to grab my phone and use its tiny little lens and sensor. Yes…this worked very well!The result is was the photo below.


One more on the location + behind the scenes


If you follow us, you probably notices the last two photos. So here is a third one…I couldn’t decide whether to go with portrait or landcape orientation, so I did both. Same settings as before 🙂

4_1_2014And so you can see how it looked like when Jana was taking her photo:



Good evening everyone!

I’m starting to take more and more photos again and this is one of them. It’s a mobile photo again and it’s a photo of my sisters hand. I liked the texture on the wall, but needed something to put in the picture and she was so unlucky as to be the only one im my vicinity 😀 .


Colours of the evening


Continuing my struggle to carry camera around all the time, a mobile protograph! I mean, I’d love to carry my NEX6 around all the time, but when I have to carry my 17 inch laptop, a lab coat and run around the university all day with it, it gets heavy. I took this one from a car (obviously 😀 ) while my mom was driving (that’s another thing..after the day of schoolwork, I try to help her too). Somewhere in my bag on the backseat were the Cokin G.ND filters, which are great with mobile phones, but I didn’t have time to find them. In the end, I turned the foreground down to black as much as possible, while keeping the traffic lights good and clear and I think they make a great contrast with the evening skies. I usually try to edit it in the phone in the app Fhotoroom, but this time, it’s Lightroom work 😉 . And speaking of Lighroom, you may have notices I said something about using the open sourse programs (or closed source, but free) and I have made this pass quite successfuly with Phtomatix -> Luminance, but didn’t hold my promise with Lightroom -> RawTherapee. The reason is simple: I broke my RawTherapee 😀 . But I plan a big system reinstall in about a month or so, so then I’m gonna go for RawTherapee again!





Work, work work….there always so much to do…

Hi everyone!

Yes, I have a lot to do so I (and Jana too) am a few days behind with the photos, but it won’t take much longer and I’ll be able to chatch up. I took this photo on a way from the university. After  long rainy day spent in the lab, it was nice to see some colours. It’s a mobile photo so I had to decrease the depth of field a bit manually to have the background nicely blurred, but I think it worked out well. On and that person with an umbrella, that’s Jana 😀



Hello reader!

Wherever we go, whatever camera we have with us, I aways try to snap some pictures on my phone. I think the whole mobile photography concept deserves a fair chance in the fierce competition. Yes, the sensors will never be as big and powerful, but there is another advantage: who can get a dslr into his jeans pocket? And it’s always ready and you take it with you everywhere anyway.
So, here is another of my pocket creations. Enjoy 😉