Catch Me If You Can

Well, well, here is the last one!

The last photo due for 2015. Again, taken a long time ago and has been sitting in my WIP folder for like half a year. Well, farewell 2015, Hello 2016 – we’ll share some new things as soon as we decide on the frequency for this year :D. It’s been 365 in 2014, Thing a week 2015…so for 2016, it should be a thing a month, right…but that seem like too little..we’ll see 😉




The Dune


So, again, I rummaged through my archives again and found this little photo. Taken in central bohemia on a short cyclo-trip. Interesting location – in the middle of a forest, there it is, a huge sand dune. Just sitting there, among the pines. And on the top of it, this lonely stump. So I thought a closeup with 12 mm lens and HDR might be in order. So, here you go 😉

Have a great day!




Hello there,

one month ago I was with my schoolmates at Karlovy Vary to check out the hotel Thermal for reception and lobby redesign. In the evening we had a time for short walk to the city centre.









Graveyard Photos


Well, the title may sound a bit morbid (and I have gotten quite a few weird looks when standing with my tripod in the middle of a graveyard on a new year’s eve). Later, I might share few photos from the actual graveyard, but the sun was just too intense, so I don’t know if there will be anything useful there, but as we were leaving the graveyard, I turned around to take this photo. And as promised yesterday, this one is an HDR too (well, the full size 16 MP jpeg is about 23 megabytes…). Have fun.


Path to the Altar


Welcome to 2016! We haven’t yet decided what frequency we would like to share photos with you this year and in the meantime, we still have to post a few 2015 leftovers. And now something I haven’t done in quite a while: a recently taken photo (like 2 days ago…) and it’s an HDR! Oh I have almost forgotten how much I used to love this technique! Especially the processing time I have to put into it :D. Still, I have gone out of training and it’s quite visible…I guess I’ll try to get better in 2016 an spend more time with this technique ;). But for now, this have to suffice 😉

Have a great day!


Cute as Kittens


Another one in the 2015 series…altho it’s not 2015 anymore, but still ;).

This is a brilliant example of how I take a s**tload of photos and not only that I don’t process them, I bury them somewhere deep in my harddrive only to be discovered half a year later when sorting the photos to free up some disk space. Well, here you go 😉


New Year’s Eve

Hello everyone,

this is the last photo of this year. I have got another photos to post, but I wasn´t able to upload them yet. So you can expect a few Thing a week 2015 photos in the next days.