The Lonely Mountain

Hi there!

here´s another summer photo 🙂





Hello everyone!

it´s time for another photo from summer 🙂 This one was taken at Jeseníky, Czech republic on the way to the mountain Praděd.




Night in Austria

Heya there,

the photo is from Austria in february. And I know, I´m horrible person, it´s autumn and I´m posting photos from winter 😀



Unexpected adventures

Hello everyone,

I know that this blog wasn´t working for some time, but now I have a little time and  energy to edit all photos from last half year, so I hope  I will post most of the photos in few  days. This year was full of unexpected adventures, we traveled a lot and succesfully finished another year of university (and Stanley has the masters degree in nanomaterials now 🙂 ).  I started to use  RawTherapee, so I´m now open source user in photography stuff (I still need some paid programs for my work to school), but I´m still learning it.

Hope you will like new photos!



In the Shadow

Hello everyone,

last time I posted something on this blog was almost three months ago. Many things happened from that time and I think now it´s time to post new photos. This photo is one month old. It was taken at Austria, Gossau, where we were skiing.

Hope you like it




Hello there,

one month ago I was with my schoolmates at Karlovy Vary to check out the hotel Thermal for reception and lobby redesign. In the evening we had a time for short walk to the city centre.