Maybe Fuji?


If you have followed us for some time now, you might know Jana is a DSLR user, whilst I use mirrorless. Recently, many world-class photographers have switched to mirrorless cameras as well. One of the most recent (and most enthusiastic about it!) is Karen Hutton. If you haven’t yet heard about her, you’re missing out BIG TIME! Karen has as well become a Fuji ambassador and judging by her webpage, she just revels in promoting it and giving it away. That’s right…she gives away the Fuji mirrorless cameras in several giveaways! Check ’em out HERE. If all goes well, we will have a new Fuji at our disposal (wish us luck 😉 ).

Looking at the contests, you might notice two of them are hosted on ViewBug. We joined the community there about a month ago (one of reasons of our lowered activity here and on G+…). ViewBug is really nicely optimized for us, photographers, amateurs or pros. There’s also a lot of contest you can join. Give it a try!

And now for something completely different. A photo! This is a statue by Matthias Bernard Braun, located at Kuks hospital. It Occured to me there, that I haven’t posted an HDR photo in a while and this composition provided me a great opportunity.

Have a great day




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