Red Shirt & Doctor 1


After spamming the feed with photos for so long, I decided to go for something more bloggy. Just to let you know what’s happening 😉

Alright…let’s focus on the first half of the title: Red Shirt. I have loved the music of Jonathan Coulton ever since I first played Portal. While browsing YouTube, I recently came across a live concert of J.C. titled just “BEST. CONCERT. EVER.“. And it really is. It’s from 2008, so it’s a wonder I haven’t stumbled upon it sooner, but what can I do. So, check out the concert if you want (it’s so worth it!), but the main thing I wanted to share something a little different. Red shirt is one of more recent songs written by Jonathan and you might have already guessed what is it a reference to. If not, keep reading and watch the video. Yes, the video…that’s the main point! I stumbled across this video. In my opinion, this is really worth sharing!

“Animation of the Jonathan Coulton song, “Redshirt”. Animation Written, Directed, Created, and Produced by the West Lynn Heights School Digital Voices Program.” Check description on YouTube for more info!

OK, and now for the second part of the title. I’m sure many of you out there are familiar, or in better case are captivated by, the cult that is Doctor Who. I recently fell down this rabbit hole too, but I stopped after first two seasons. BUT, I mean the modern (2005) day Doctor Who. Somewhere in my brain, there was an urge to get familiar with the original Doctor Who. Also, I wanted to compare modern day Daleks with the originals 😀 So, the original Doctor Who…I love that show and I highly recommend you to watch it to if you’re into this subculture. I guess I mainly love it for the tech. And now I don’t mean the Doctor’s tech, but I mean the film tech and the acting as well. It’s just so great to see what they could do with so little money and so few people. It’s so great to see they left all the mistakes in and did not reshoot the scene. At the same time, I’m really surprised what the creators came up with. What a visionaries! Personally, I think that anyone who loves science fiction in general should watch at least the first episode, The Unearthly Child and get to know the first Doctor, played by William Hartnell.

So, have fun and I hope you don’t mind this is not a photography post 😉


P.S.: It’s quite hard to get your hands on the original show, so here is a torrent for the first season.


Bachelor of Arts!

Hello everyone!

it’s a beautiful feeling when you have the time for blogging.  I acquired a title bachelor of arts with best results, which granted me admission for the masters studies. So here I am and with me new photos. But this post isn’t about photography, I wanna show off with my thesis. 😀

I dealt with issue of industrial zones and company buidlings, their visual aspect and intervention in the landscape and due to fact, that people spend two thirds of day at their working environment, I simultaneously dealt with influence of the environment on humans and their psysical and mental health. I designed administrative building of one specific company in a way that provides suitable working environment and does not disturb the building’s surroundings. I looked for boundary between natural and urban landscape and tried to equilibriate them. I reacted to specific place and created object inspired by natural science – diffusion.  The building has arisen by blending natural and urban environment. The main purpose of the thesis was to bring the focus to and make us think about our environment and its impact on our lives.

So, that’s the reason why I’ve been neglecting the blog last halfyear. I hope you like my work and I’m looking forward to creating new photo posts at this blog.






Lucky Random Snap


It’s not everyday you get a random picture, that you later find to be quite good. Well, abut a week ago I was going through my pics and I stumbled across one! I can’t really say I remember shooting this one, but whatever :D. Also, it’s not every day Jana lets me post a picture of her, but this time she made an exception…I guess because she liked this one :D.

While editing it, Jana asked me to smoothen her skin a little bit. I didn’t think she needed that, but it gave an an opportunity to improve my skills in this area. I’ve done some retouching already, but this time, I wanted to give a go to something a bit different. Some time ago, I stumbled across this article on Patrick David’s blog and in Gimp Magazine issue 5 (he also created a newer version at and I was really looking forward to having something to try it on and Jana simply “pushed” me into it. I have not gone into any crazy details like Patrick does, but I have used the basic idea: wavelet decompose and selective blurring of a different detail levels (took me only about 15 minutes). With this result, Jana was happy and let me post it.



Macro on a Budget


Prior to sharing a photo for this week, I stitched together a short article about macro and our favourite (and affordable!) solution. You can find it in the “INSIDER” section of the menu. Have fun and here are some of our previously taken macro images. (direct link here)


















Happy New year’s eve!

So if I evaluate our score in 365 project, it’s 282 photos for me and 264 for Stanley. It’s not bad, we had a lot of work to school and there wasn’t always time for blogging. A lot of photos here were really bad (we tried post photo at all costs) and I hope the next year will be better. This is the reason we decided to post one photo per week. You can look forward to photos in better qualitty and more interesting topics. Maybe we will have more time for some tutorials and tips.

Thank all of you for your support and see you in the next year!

The last photos in this year. Hope you like them.





Through the Tunnel

Oh hi there 😀

Well, I jsut could’t resist the last car-shot pictures. I know it’s not a deep motif, but something is jsut good about em 😉



Ridiculously photogenic Katie

Hello again!

As we mentioned in our previous posts, we stayed for about a week in a wild with our friends. This little girl is also one of them and she was just incredible to photograph! First day she was a bit shy, but then, whenever she saw our cameras, she usualy started smiling as posing :D. I believe you can expect more photos of her from both me and Jana 😀

The original out-of-the-camera photo was prtty good, but I wanted to play a bit in onOne PE…and this is the result 😉


Ok, we’re there…the first 100!

Hello to everyone, but especially our followers!

After about half a year, we finally lured a hundred people to our site and forced them to push the follow button. We’re certainly glad someone likes our work and gives us an important feedback. And as promised, we prepared a little something for you all!

You probably notices we take pleasure in HDR photos. Among the professionals, this technique is quite unpoppular, but we find it really fascinating. It is nice to have that digital age advantage! And since we like this technique so much, we decided to create our very own HDR tutorial…you guessed right, that is the big surprise revelation! You you can find it in the main menu under “INSIDER”. In, fact, the whole “INSIDER” section is being started by this. Soon we hope to expand this section by some neat photography tricks, reviews and tutorials. Please note, that only the text version of the HDR tutorial is being relesed; it will take more time to come up with the video. In soon time, we will also try to add one more page to the tutorial and that is the “finishing touch”. The video will definatelly include that part too.

I know there are many good HDR tutorials out there and you might be asking “why the hell should this make some didfference?”. The tutorials you usually see are mostly focused on Photomatix and we have to agree it’s a great tool to use! But recenly we try to switch to the open source programs, because you usually don’t have to pay 100+ bucks for every piece of software and because many times, they offer more flexibility and control. That’s why you will find in our tutorial a part dedicated to open source Luminance HDR as well as Photomatix. After doing a quick search, we found out there isn’t really much Luminance tutorials…there are few, but they are usually pretty general. We would like to change that. As we see it, the open source software usually drived peoplle away with its complicatedness and ther eusually isn’t any guide for a total newbie to use the software properly and that’s why many people end up buying the “recommended” software, bacause it’s too much pain otherwise. That’s alsow something I would like to appeal to the open sourcce software creatours: Aside from the extremely capable and universal version, you should usually also release a BFU version! 😀

But now, without further ado, the HDR tutorial ladies and getlemen! (click the picture 😉 )


Hamsters at work

Hi everyone!

So, I have now about 7 day delay on the 365 project, but I guess that doesn’t matter. I’m gonna catch up on it later…promise. Also, I managed to format my SD card before I imported the photos, so about 600 photos from a zoo are lost forever…what a shame…there were really nice pictures in there. Despite having a lot of work on my bachelor thesis, I still try to do at least something woth photography. So, today I’ll give you a little preview on what I (we) am working on. In time, we would like to also give you some good info and tips in a form a videos. And for every video, it’s nice to have some intro. And that’s what I’m working on now ;). This may not be the finished version yet, since Jana had some nice idead about modifying it, but it’s already pretty much to our liking…and I hope your’s too :D.


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I would like to alert everyone interested, that this is the last day you can pick up onOne Perfect Effects 8 for FREE!!!

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S & J