So, since you dug this deep, we’re assuming you like the blog and would like to know something about the authors as well. So, here you go!

We’re university students who enjoy photography (obviously 😉 ). We got together in march 2013, have many hobbies in common,  and are both quite tall (185 and 200 cm). Also, we have a quite strong chocolate and yerba mate addiction. Well, those are the things connecting us. Oh..and we are crazy about each other! 😀

And in case you are wondering how we came up with the site title, here is a little story. When we got together, we were looking for a word to call each other. And then one afternoon, Jana came up with “strangely strange”. We than tried to start a blog and called it “Strangely Strange Photography Playground”. But we did not have a reason to go on with it so we abandoned the idea, but a while later, we got the thinking about it again and that’s when we came up with this, shortened verison, StrangeGround. We hope it is original and sounds good 😉


I was born in 1991. I attended high school of applied art in department interior and furniture design. Now I am studying Environmental Design at the Technical University of Liberec.

My interests are: drawing, design and architecture, photography, books, climbing, joga and spending time with Stanley. I love good tea and sweets 🙂

I´ve been  dealing with photography since I was 12 years old. My parents bought new camera (Canon Powershot) and I took photos everywhere we went. Because I loved design ect. I studied art school and there we learned photography too. When I was 19, my parents promised to buy me a new camera after I graduate high school. It was Canon 500D and I am still using it.



I was born in 1991 and has grown ever since then. I attended a basic school with extended language teaching and and engineering and electrotechnics high school. I am now studying nanotechnology at the Technical university of Liberec.

I usually spend my free time with Jana :-). We go jogging, geocaching or just watch a movie and eat popcorn in bed. And of course, then there is photography! When we can, we go out shooting and then process the pictures together.

And how I got to photography? Oh I will tell you 😉 I have always been fascinated by photography, but never had courage nor motivation to start shooting myself. Then, in the first semester at the university, I stumbled upon Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck in Customs and was amazed by his work and the HDR technique overal. I wanted to try it but I only had a simple Fuji FinePix compact camera. Don’t get me wrong, the pictures and videos were great…it was one of the best compacts out there when released, but even in the manual mode, it had very little options and I didn’t even have a tripod so I could shoot the photos for HDR technique. AND THEN, I believe the universe heard my wish and brought Jana with her DSLR, Canon EOS 500D, to me. And that was the key moment for me, the oportunity I was waiting for. I started shooting photos with her and practicing their processing. We then joined some Google+ photography communities to get some feedback on our photos. Since than I’m constantly working on my photography and processing skills and trying to regularilly share some photos on G+ and now also on this blog. I now take photos with Sony NEX-6 EVF camera, that we bought on ebay in noveber 2013 (in perfect condition).