Snaps 2016


Well, this year we really haven’t been active so far…share-wise. We’ve abandoned any attempts at regularly scheduled sharing and decided to just share when we feel like it. Problem is, we don’t often feel like it. Personally, I have reached a new level of laziness with my process. I take the photos, I process them but I am so put off by the thought of exporting, organizing and naming them I just don’t share it and go play Black Ops or SWTOR instead :D. Well, I don’ know how, but I managed to actually finalize a batch of photos. Some of them a remnants from 2015, but most of them are more recent. Today, I want to share those 2015 ones so I can start with the new ones.

This first one I already shared in a colour version, but I really like the b&w one too. I actually also have two different b&w versions too, but I like this one more. It is also a brilliant example of the use of my Samyang 12mm F2.0 lens and RawTherapee’s (and Pat David’s) film emulation. This one is called In the Undergrowth.


This one I’m not really that proud of, but I like it for some reason…maybe it’s the symmetry. I also recall taking this photo on more occasions, but I couldn’t even find the other versions. I call this one Windows 2015.


This one is over half a year old. This couple was building a nest underneath the roof of our cottage and I just happened to have my monstrous Tokina 75-260mm F4.5 lens with me. I guess the thing I like the most about it is the title I’ve given it: African swallows are non-migratory. If you don’t know what the title refers to, Google it 😀


Have a great day!



Catch Me If You Can

Well, well, here is the last one!

The last photo due for 2015. Again, taken a long time ago and has been sitting in my WIP folder for like half a year. Well, farewell 2015, Hello 2016 – we’ll share some new things as soon as we decide on the frequency for this year :D. It’s been 365 in 2014, Thing a week 2015…so for 2016, it should be a thing a month, right…but that seem like too little..we’ll see 😉



Cute as Kittens


Another one in the 2015 series…altho it’s not 2015 anymore, but still ;).

This is a brilliant example of how I take a s**tload of photos and not only that I don’t process them, I bury them somewhere deep in my harddrive only to be discovered half a year later when sorting the photos to free up some disk space. Well, here you go 😉


(Macro) experiment

Hello everyone,

Because I havenť got much time to write new posts, but I shoot a lot of new photos, I´ve decided to add new photos without any comment. I hope you understand it and sorry for my recent inactivity.




Splashy Dog

Hello everyone,

another photo from my summer adventures. How I love that dog for this photo! 🙂 Stanley gave me his old Beroflex  135mm lens with manual focus. First I had a fear to try  to take photos with manual focus because of expecting bad results, but I was really nicely suprised by the quality of shots.

Hope you like the photo,



Urban Beauty


I like to put things into weird perspective to give it a new look. That’s the reason I really enjoyed today’s two photos. I don’t know whether I should go on and explain what’s my “perspectivity” with these two or let you find out yourself. I guess I can just give you the photo titles and you can work from that ;). Anyway, here you go!

The first one is called “Watchmen in the sky” and the send one is “Sub-urban”.




The Duckling

Heya all,

another photo is from a week ago from Poděbrady´s lakes. There was a dragon boat race there, but there wasn’t an opportunity to take interesting and good shots. We walked around the lake for some geocaches and found this cute flock of ducks.

Hope you like it,





Alright..I may have forgotten to post yesterday…sorry about that :D. So today I’ll go with animal theme. The first one is a cat (as you might have guessed by it’s facial expression) and the second one is something a bit more unpleasant. My titles for these photos are pretty straightforward: “Cat Stare” and “What makes you tick”.

That’s all folks





Another day, another two-barrel shot.

In the past weeks, I got some longer focal lengths to shoot with. I have no results yet to show for the biggest lens in my collection yet, but the 135 mm f/2.8 has proven reeeally useful. On APS-C it’s equal to about 200mm, so it can actually get a little tighter than I’d like, bus as a handy telephoto lens, this thing is awesome. The photos below are quite similar, so I thought it can’t hurt to put them together. I titled these “Fine Dining” and “Ready for Takeoff”.

Have a great day!




Struggle of Ants


Macro shots of ants have proven quite popular for me in the recent past…so here is another one! When these two started fighting (I presume that’s what they were doing…), they were both…ehm…complete. The photo captures a mid-state. In the end, the weaker ant ended up a curled ball of legs and antennas. This time, I did not use my usual macro setup (the one described in previous post), but my 135 mm F/2.8 Sears lens paired with a half-stack of extension rings. The focusing distance is about 30 centimetres, but the depth of field remains so insanely shallow at about 2 milimetres, so it’s a bit difficult to focus. Still, it works very well!