5 Hours to Go


I wouldn’t want you to think I’m neglecting you 😉 So while Jana wrote a summary, I will at least post some photos 🙂 Last ones for this year! In 5 hours we will go out and try to shoot some fireworks…that should cover the topic for the first week of 2015. We already got some practice last year, but the fireworks in Jana’s hometown were pretty small. We are now in Liberec and the midnight firework here should be much more awesome for shooting. We already looked over some spots from which we would like to shoot the midnight lights and picked the one we think will prove most interesting. Unluckilly, we could not have find any place with a complete view of tho town centre, but we instead picked a crossroad nearby with loads of pretty lights. So, batteries charged, cards empty, remotes prepared and waiting.

Happy new year!





Pinhole Attempt #1

Happy christmas eve’s eve!

About a week ago, I finally got the body cap for my NEX 6 (ordered from china: ridiculous prices, but long wait…) and decided to give a pinhole lens a try. I’ve read couple of guides and the best material appears to be a thin aluminium sheet, idealy cut from a can. I had no can at hand, so I used a thick black tape. Surprisingly, it worked. I haven’t had a good opportunity to test it properly yet, but I made few pictures in my room. This one is a steaming gourd of yerba on my desk, with laptop and external HDD in the background. Have a nice evening!

In time,  I will try to make the pinhole with aluminium sheet, as soon as I can get my hands on some 😉




Happy monday everyone!

Couple days ago, as I was going to the university, the weather was quite extravagant. it was freezing the whole night and little crystals of ice appeared everywhere. But then the Sun came up and started defrosting the flora and it was really cool to watchal the grass in shadow still frozen and the one in the sunlight already glossy from water. I did my best, but I was in a hurry….still, qute nice, eh?




Soft Kitty


Last photos of our year, as in a desperate attempt to post at least soething…after not managing to keep up the 365 😀

This is our cat…and she’s really looking forward to destroying the christmas tree!


King of Apathy

Hi followers!

Last year about this time, we took a resolution to make a photo for every day in 2014. So far, I’m failing this miserably! I have three weeks ot go with about 100 photos to catch up. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I’m not really counting on it…I’ll try tho! And altho maybe not  till the end of this year, I will certainly finish the 365. We already decided to do noth a 365 photos in 2015, but just 52. The hope is there will be some shift toward quality, instead of quantity. And why did I fail the 365? I don’t know myself, but I account it all to the occasional apathy. I believe I could do it, even with my studies, but sometimes I just want to sit back with a hot yerba and do nothing. If I could manage to bost my morale in those moments, I would have the 365 done by now 😀 I’d like to apologise here to my favourite band, IN LEGEND, for stealing the title of their newest released music video: King of Apathy! Also, here is some more photos fot the yet incomplete 365.


Colours in the Sky

Hi everyone!

About a month ago I set off one morning to ascend the dominant and symbol of our city, the mountain Jested with it’s trademark: the hotel at the top. This shot was taken even before I started the actual ascend 😉


Night-time Liberec

Hi everyone!

A couple day’s ago, as I was coming home from the university, I took a short walk in the city to shoot some interesting night pictures. Please, remind me to pack in a tripod next time. Enjoy 😉




The Contrast

Hi everyone!

When I say contrast, I don’t, in this case, mean light vs. dark. No, I mean the beauty of morning clouds vs. the old silo of some long-dead factory. Well…that’s all I have to say…


Fingers and Strings


the last photo in my buffer for now is this one. I’ve finished working on it about five days ago and since then I found an interesting plugin for GIMP called Refocus and I think I could salvege this image even more..we’ll see in a few day…hopefully 😉