In January 2017, I started a YouTube channel “strangeware”. I will not be making a specialized webpage for that anytime soon, but I will be putting written tutorials and other interesting things here. Should be sufficient for the time being đŸ˜€

Refreshing an old PC – From Pentium 4 to i3 3240 and GTX 660

I was given an old Pentium 4 home PC. All the machine was able to run is CS 1.6 at HD resolution and barely 30 fps. The only real improvement the owner made is an SSD drive, which really makes the biggest differencefor everyday use, pretty much more than any other component. Having a young, game hungry son, the owner asked fot the PC to be turned into a gaming machine – nothing drastic, but capable. And on a budget of 200$, this was a really great challenge! I had to get CPU, GPU, motherboard and RAM for this price. Witht this budget, it is possible to get a good performance for the money with used second-hand components. In the end, it was a piece of cake to get an i3 3240, GTX 660, B75 cipset MB and 8 GBs of DDR3 RAM for about 190$. However, it turned out to be necessary to get a new power supply as the old 450 W EuroCase was a bit faulty and I wouldn’t trust it with more expensive components (especially considering the owner might want to upgrade the GPU to something newer in a year’s time). Even with the new PSU though, the price was only about 230$. Factoring in the fact, that it might be possible to get rid of the old hardware for…let’s say 20$, this is pretty much well within limits. The PC is now able to run GTA V with medium/high settings at 60 fps, is nice and quiet and has a power supply that won’t burn down a house. Needless to say, the owner is very pleased with the machine ;).