The Lonely Mountain

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here´s another summer photo 🙂





Hello there,

one month ago I was with my schoolmates at Karlovy Vary to check out the hotel Thermal for reception and lobby redesign. In the evening we had a time for short walk to the city centre.









Morning Prague

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 this is the first time I post a photo taken by mobile phone (because I´m too lazy to take my camera with me).  It´s from Prague where I spent the whole day visiting some exhibitions of modern art with my schoolmates.  One of them was posing for me in  the photograph  🙂



In the Garden


Chr chr cha…cha cha. Chrrr cha cha. Cha chr RawTherapee cha cha Film Emulation cha cha.

And for those of you who don’t speak GELF: Another photo of my super photogenic sister. I’m afraid I’ll be using RawTherapee’s Film Emulation very often now ;).




A Girl and a Pidgeon


Well, it’s been some time again…and I’ve run out of excuses :D. I have loads of photos piled up in my PC, but who has the time to process them?! I took this one in summer with Sears 135 mm f/2.8 lens. And while I love shooting with all those vintage lenses, it’s so darn hard to focus these longer focal lengths fast enough! I mean, when I’m out with my 12 mm f/2 Samyang, I just set the focus on the infinity marker and I know I have everything from 1.5 meters to infinity in focus. But with 135 mm, I actually have to pay attention :D. That being said, this is not the photo I originally wanted (the pidgeon was originally closer to the girl and static!), but before I could focus properly, the pidgeon got too scared. But the outcome is still quite nice.

For upcoming photos, I guess I will have couple of B&Ws to post. I might have already mentioned it in previous post: I really fell in love with RawTherapee’s film simulation, which works extremely well with the images produced by the vintage lens. Interestingly, it seems to work the best with my Industar lens (28 mm f/2.8 and 55 mm f/2.8). You’ll see 😉

Have a great day



Fire with Fire

Hi there,

as you know, Stanley studies nanomaterials. He also teaches chemistry in educational workshop for kids at our university.  And this is the result 😀 I think that Stanley is more interested in play with all that crazy stuff there, than to teach 😀



edit: I found another one! 🙂

07_04 (2)

Back to the Life

Hello everyone!

It´s hard to say it, but after all school obligations and stress I hated everything connected with computer all summer. This feel isn´t  gone yet, but I think it´s time to do something with it and revive this blog and all work on pc. So I hope I manage to add some new posts this week and remedy my inactivity here.