Student Life

Happy Sunday!

I hope you had fun at the weekend and you are ready for next work week. My weekend was great. I spent it in Liberec with Stanley. On saturday night we were with our friends in college dorm pub and then we were trying to take some night photography. We took some shots at front of college dorms and then we went to Liberec dam. I didn’t think any photo from the dorms will be in good quality, but here it is: photo of college dorms.

Hope you like it.




Grandeur of the Mountains

Hello there,

I post the last photo from Croatia. You can look forward to new photos from September and October.

Hope you like the photo.



Historical Village

Happy Sunday everyone,

I have got for you some photos from the medieval village Botanicus Ostrá. It’s small artificial created village with exhibition of the old crafts. There are for example potters, tinkers, smiths ect.

Hope you like the photos.



In the Details

Hello there,

when the weather is good, the most of my time I spend on the terraces on the sun. I take a photos there and this photo is one of them. It’s a detail of the wooden fasade. Hope you like it.