Happy New year’s eve!

So if I evaluate our score in 365 project, it’s 282 photos for me and 264 for Stanley. It’s not bad, we had a lot of work to school and there wasn’t always time for blogging. A lot of photos here were really bad (we tried post photo at all costs) and I hope the next year will be better. This is the reason we decided to post one photo per week. You can look forward to photos in better qualitty and more interesting topics. Maybe we will have more time for some tutorials and tips.

Thank all of you for your support and see you in the next year!

The last photos in this year. Hope you like them.






Christmas Eve

10_07Hello everyone,

this is the late photo of our christmas tree.

Hope you like it


No fronts, no bounds

Hello everyone,

last weekend we were on a small trip in Germany, Zittau. In this photo you can see imaginary borders between Czech republic, Germany and Poland.

No fronts, no bounds – not on the maps, not in the minds

Hope you like it.






Hello everyone,

another photos for 365 project.





Happy Christmas everyone!

It is a long time ago I added some new photos. I had problems with RawTherapee. When I edited photos and put them to queue, the system stopped responding. Third time with this problem I started again to use AdobeLightroom. I want to use opensource programs, so if you have any idea where the problem is, please write it to the comment.

This photo is one week old. That morning I saw shiny light around whole street from my window. A lot of days before there was really bad weather, no sunshine, only grey sky. So I was pleased by this change and took photo of it.

Hope you like it,



My Precious

Hello everyone,

because of the lack of time I don’t add posts on this blog as often as I want. Anyway now I have got a great helpmate with my work to school. As you know, I study design and I need great pc equipment for it. So let me introduce my new precious: graphic card zotac gtx 780 😀

Hope you like the photo, because I think this graphic card is really photogenic 😀