Cookies everyone! I mean hello everyone!

Whenever I cook something, it usually ends up in a disaster. But ever since Jana has gone vegetarian, I really enjoy my time in this area. I just enjoy vegetarian and vegan cooking so much! There is a ton of possibilities, combinations and experimenting and you always discover something new. With this lifestyle, it’s nice to have some recipe repository. I browse daily through several sites, but one of my favorites is Recipes here are all very easy and not too much time-demanding. About two weeks ago, I got a craving for some vegan sweets. What I came by was the recipe for vegan brownies. That was a challenge for me…I’ve never really cooked anything more than a pasta and I always thought baking as some sort of otherworldly art. But I decided I’ll give it a try. So, here is the recipe: Simple Vegan Brownies.

After I finished the baking process, I managed to preserve a couple brownies for a quick photoshoot (right after that, I cleaned the plate like a vacuum cleaner…oh the shame…). A simple setup with one sheet of paper and a flash bounced off the white reflector parallel to the table. Oh man, these were so good! Would it be weird to start making them again now at 1 am?

*drool* *drool*


P.S.: CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!27-cookieess


Just Hangin’


I took this shot while we were buying some fruits in Croatia. These were just hung up on the side of the stand and I thought it could make for and ordinary, but interestingly coloured photo. The picture came out pretty nice as it was, but I wanted to give it something special. So I just raised the blacks to give it the matte look and increased the contrast a bit, which also resulted in deeper colours. I have to say I really like what came out of it and I’m thinking of having it printed…I guess this could be realy cool on canvas 😉


A photo worth it’s salt

Hi everyone!

During our macro photography madness, I tried photographying little salt crystals. As for a scientist, this photo has kind of a special value for me, as I managed to snap a really nicely cut NaCl crystal. It’s the one shaped like an almost perfect cube 😉


Maté Russo

Hello everyone,

do you like yerba maté? Me and Stanley do. With tea it’s our most favourite drink. In the picture there is a bombilla in the yerba maté. Hope you like it.



Disperse, Diffuse, Dissolve


When I was having fun with photographing water droplets, I also had an idea: I grabbed some sugar and tried photographing a glass of water, as I threw the sugar in. The result was quite nice…at least in my opinion ;). Thank you again, IKEA lamps :D.



Chicago Grill

Oh Hi!

Today it’s my brothers birthday…so we have a nice dinner! There is a great restaurant called Chicago Grill just few minutes from our home and the deliveries are free, so there’s no point changing from our sweatpants 😀 . They make just great burgers and steaks…so we ordered three burgers with fries and coleslaw, but unfortunately the bag was quite small, so the burgers were quite pressed. But no matter, its still pretty nice. And to be honest, it was quite difficult to convince myself to take a picture before I ate it 😀 . Yummy!

I took my lab coat and threw it over some box to make the background and as you can see, I missed some folds there. Also the labcoat is not one of the cleanest, so I had to search for a solid white area. Edited in lightrom and PE8.


Edit: not my brothers bithday, but his namesday 😉


The Spaghetti Incident

Hello everyone!

Today, I present you with some pasta! 20 minutes after this shot, all the spaghetti were gone ;-). There is something strange about this food…I mean, who the hell came up with an idea of food shaped as a shoelace?! And the strange way of eating it! Jana always uses spoon and a fork…and I was never able to get this combination to work. So I just wind it of directly on the fork a try to fit it in my mouth :-D. Bon apetit!



Shadow Over Middle Earth

Greetings everyone!

I really enjoyed making today’s photo. I used Photomatix for merging to an HDR and I was so surprised by the effect, that I saved the preset (under the same name as this post :D). Then just a tiny bit of adjustments in lightroom and voila! If you would like the preset, here it is: click here

I took this one when we were on the trip with Jana yesterday. This is actually from the top of the mountain, just beneath the, in our country quite famous, Ještěd hotel…and it was very windy up there! When one of us was shooting, the other one had to hold the tripod on the ground because of the wind. When we were done shooting, we were really frozen and also hungry, so we had a soup, hot chocolate and a mint tea in the hotel restaurant. There is also a nice geocache (GCKDBV) at the top, so we logged it, as we were coming down the mountain. If you ever visit Czech Republic, we really recommend you visit this place!

Shadow Over Middle Earth

also, one picture from logging the cache

Logging a geocache

And from from the restaurant

Warm goodies!