Sooo long time…

It has been over half a year since our last post..what the heck?! Yes, we have had a lot on our hands, but still…nine months is a looong time. Let me try to redeem that…

I spent the last two months in Alabama in the city of Birmingham. For a last weekend, we went south to a friend’s house at the Dauphin Island. Second night there, I went to the balcony at around midnight and saw the sky was clear, it was new moon and lots of stars were clearly visible. I just couldn’t resist.

It took me almost two hours to find a good setup of the scene. By that time, clouds started to roll in, so the sky was not as clear as it might have been, but I think the result is definatelly worth it.

Right now, I’m staying in New Jersey and going to Manhattan daily and I have gotten a couple more good images…if I’m in a good mood tomorrow, I might even share some more πŸ˜€


Oh and by the way, in about a week or so, we will be slightly updating the blog name πŸ˜‰


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