Light Pollution


I have so much going on I have been neglecting the blog lately. I’ve taken loads of new shots, but haven’t had time to process them yet and those already done require some sort of story to go with ;).

My last shared post was the milky way with a lone tree in the foreground. Taking and processing that photo opened a whole new perspective for me. I uncovered the enormous potential of the camera to see what our eyes don’t and what’s more, it pushed me towards learning something new! So about two weeks ago, it was a night just before new moon and I decided to go out at about 11 PM and take some more shots of the night sky. But this time, I had an awesome challenge at hand. I was in no mood for driving and so I just searched for a suitable location in the city. I had a good idea about where to go. This place was at the outskirts of the city and nicely shaded by trees from nearby brewery and by a low hill from the nearest houses. From time to time, a car passed by, so I had to shade the lens for a while, but otherwise OK. The night was clear, with just a little clouds, only to add thexture here and there.

If you have ever tried to photograph stars, you might have read, that you need a place with no or just little ambient light. Cities and the surroundings are generally bad areas. So I decided to beat the myth! With the right equipment, you can photograph in quite extreme conditions, just as the photo below proves. Shot with Sony NEX 6 with Samyang 12 mm f/2.0 with aperture wide open, ISO 800 and 20s exposure. The glow behind the horizon are street lights from nearby (well-illuminated) urban settlement. You can see, that despite that, the milky way is nicely visible. Yes, you have to shoot in RAW and spend some time editing. In this case, the new wavelets tools of RawTherapee came in handy. Used properly, these things can effectively kill noise and ennhance contrast as needed and therefore bring out milky way nicely. The process wouldn’t of course be complete without the help of Wilber ;). Nothing fancy, just duplicating the image exported from RT and using overlay and multiply on the correct places through the mask. I think the result is quite pleasing…tell me what you think šŸ˜‰

Have an awesome day!


Oh, and there’s more coming soon šŸ˜‰



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