Solitaire and the Galaxy


We’ve gone through another short era of inactivity. But we have shot tons of new photos so there should be quite a surplus in the upcoming days/weeks ;).

After quite a while, I’ve finally gotten the chance to test the full potential of my first non-kit lens, the Samyang 12 mm f/2.0 NCS CS. I bought this lens after reading a rather inspiring article about astrophotography somewhere in the depths of the internet. That being said, you can expect heap a nighttime photos in the days to come! I’ve used this lens so far for interior shots, some architecture and a couple of landscapes, but none of that competes with nightscapes with this thing!

And now to the photo below. I usually don’t share much EXIF data (mainly because GIMP has rather hard time keeping them in the file :D), but this one deserves it. The lens has superb results even wide open, so this was shot at F/2.0, somewhere between 15 and 25 seconds exposure and ISO of just 800! I still had to deal a lot with the moonlight filling the sky (it was about two days past the full moon), so the noise creeped in anyway, but thanks to the team developing RawTherapee, the wavelets tool killed the noise quite nicely. Anyway, here is the result. I believe I will be driven to writing a short review for this lens soon, as it deserves it!

Also, I recommend viewing the photo in full resolution HERE (remember we only upload photos in reduced resolution to save the space ;).

Have a great day




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