Rotten to the Core

Oh hi!

Has this ever happened to you? “It’s a deep night, somewhere in the middle of the forest, no light around apart from the moon and stars. And suddenly, you see a light source on the ground. You move closer ot examine it and find out it’s a decomposing bit of wood!”

That’s pretty much to gist of what happened to us. So I got asked If I was able to photograph a light source this weak (let’s face it…it’s barely visible unless it’s pitch dark). I took my 12 mm f/2.0 lens and what do you know…it worked! I had to keep the exposures pretty long, but I didn’t care…the shots were worth it. I then took out a speedlite in hope to capture a bit of a background with the glowing wood too. I have used the weakest output possible and bounced it off the other wall of the shed and it created the overal fill pretty nicely…but I’d still like it even weaker. I then had to rely on a long exposure to make the glow strong enough to have something to work with in PP. (TBH, in reality, the colour wasn’t so pronounced, but this is still dialed down from what the camera captured – that was crazy radioactive green!)





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