Bachelor of Arts!

Hello everyone!

it’s a beautiful feeling when you have the time for blogging.  I acquired a title bachelor of arts with best results, which granted me admission for the masters studies. So here I am and with me new photos. But this post isn’t about photography, I wanna show off with my thesis. 😀

I dealt with issue of industrial zones and company buidlings, their visual aspect and intervention in the landscape and due to fact, that people spend two thirds of day at their working environment, I simultaneously dealt with influence of the environment on humans and their psysical and mental health. I designed administrative building of one specific company in a way that provides suitable working environment and does not disturb the building’s surroundings. I looked for boundary between natural and urban landscape and tried to equilibriate them. I reacted to specific place and created object inspired by natural science – diffusion.  The building has arisen by blending natural and urban environment. The main purpose of the thesis was to bring the focus to and make us think about our environment and its impact on our lives.

So, that’s the reason why I’ve been neglecting the blog last halfyear. I hope you like my work and I’m looking forward to creating new photo posts at this blog.







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