Cookies everyone! I mean hello everyone!

Whenever I cook something, it usually ends up in a disaster. But ever since Jana has gone vegetarian, I really enjoy my time in this area. I just enjoy vegetarian and vegan cooking so much! There is a ton of possibilities, combinations and experimenting and you always discover something new. With this lifestyle, it’s nice to have some recipe repository. I browse daily through several sites, but one of my favorites is Recipes here are all very easy and not too much time-demanding. About two weeks ago, I got a craving for some vegan sweets. What I came by was the recipe for vegan brownies. That was a challenge for me…I’ve never really cooked anything more than a pasta and I always thought baking as some sort of otherworldly art. But I decided I’ll give it a try. So, here is the recipe: Simple Vegan Brownies.

After I finished the baking process, I managed to preserve a couple brownies for a quick photoshoot (right after that, I cleaned the plate like a vacuum cleaner…oh the shame…). A simple setup with one sheet of paper and a flash bounced off the white reflector parallel to the table. Oh man, these were so good! Would it be weird to start making them again now at 1 am?

*drool* *drool*


P.S.: CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!27-cookieess


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