An Old Russian & Macro Work


Well, to be honest, I’m writing this post mainly to let you know, there is a new article in the “Insider” section – a review/tutorial on macro extension rings. If you actually open the article, you’ll see I like to use one of my recently gained lens for macro work – the Industar-69 28 mm f/2.8.  I like this little lens for many other reasons and I intend to make a short review sometime soon, but I’d like to mention the B&W photos taken with this little piece of glass. The lens is very sensitive to flare and if there is some sideways light, it always gives the picture that “matte” look. Also, being quite old, the pictures are usually a bit soft, but that adds nicely to the antique look of the photos, especially in black and white. And so I thought, that the best thing the lens can present is the lens itself…and here is the “lens selfie”. Processing done entirely in RawTherapee.

Be sure to check the review of macro extension rings and have a great day!




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