Lucky Random Snap


It’s not everyday you get a random picture, that you later find to be quite good. Well, abut a week ago I was going through my pics and I stumbled across one! I can’t really say I remember shooting this one, but whatever :D. Also, it’s not every day Jana lets me post a picture of her, but this time she made an exception…I guess because she liked this one :D.

While editing it, Jana asked me to smoothen her skin a little bit. I didn’t think she needed that, but it gave an an opportunity to improve my skills in this area. I’ve done some retouching already, but this time, I wanted to give a go to something a bit different. Some time ago, I stumbled across this article on Patrick David’s blog and in Gimp Magazine issue 5 (he also created a newer version at and I was really looking forward to having something to try it on and Jana simply “pushed” me into it. I have not gone into any crazy details like Patrick does, but I have used the basic idea: wavelet decompose and selective blurring of a different detail levels (took me only about 15 minutes). With this result, Jana was happy and let me post it.




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