High Voltage Sunset


About a week ago, as I was going to the post office to pick up my new macro rings, I took my Samyang 12 mm with me. The sun was just setting, so I thought there might be some nice landscape shot along the way. I really love sunsets in this city with all the mountains around, but the problem is the foreground. I’d also like to do a nice wide shot of the whole city, bathing in the sunlight, but I haven’t yet found a spot with a good view for this. In the meantime, I have to do with what I have. Meanwhile, I got another nice legacy lens, the Industar-61 L/D 55 mm f/2.8, so you can look forward to seeing some results with those. I have, however, yet had bad luck with findung subjects for 55 mm, but it won’t take long ;).

This shot is an HDR; raws processed with my default profile in RawTherapee and HDR composed in Luminance HDR. I love this program for making HDRs. At first, it was a bit overwhelming, but I have learned to appreciate it’s versatility.

Have a great day!




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