Lively Yellows


In the last post, I said something about deciding what lens to get. In the end, I went with Samyang 12 mm f/2.0. So far,I only have one issue with it…and that issue is more or less in my head and hands. I was always using AF to shoot wide angle with the kit lens and I only did manual focusing on Jana’s telephoto lens adapted on my NEX. It took me just a little white to find out the focusing on a focal length this short is quite different. But I really enjoy the fact I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone…I can not autofocus and I can not zoom. It really pushes the photo processing part of the brain to a whole new level – it makes me think about the shot more. I got this lens for it’s incredible low light performance, so it’s a shame I have not yet had the luck to stumble upon the shot I was sooo looking forward to taking while deciding for this lens. Hopefully I’ll be able to share the first outcomes by the end of this week! But I have not yet ruled out the possibility I’ll be returning the lens and getting the 85 mm f/1.4 instead…but I guess that’s just cause I haven’t had time yet to really get to grips with this 12 mm baby.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo from abut a week ago taken with the telephoto lens. A rare occasion of sunlight called for something nature-y, so here it is…



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