Split-toning in Rawtherapee


It’s been more than a week since my last post, but I’ll add an extra photo in this post, so I hope that makes up for that. I’ve been experimenting with split toning in RawTherapee even sice the feature came out, but I never had the nerve to really develop some regular use of it…until now. Unlike lightroom split toning, there are many more options in RT. Iยจve been used to doing this entirely in sliders in LR and so when I first started with it in RT, I began with “Saturation 2 colours” option. The thing is, this doesn’t exacly work just like LR, so I dropped it. Now I’ve adopted the “L*a*b* blending” method and I have to say it works extremely well…once you get used to doint it in curves! it just offers so much more control and open up many possibilities. Another motivation for me is, that when I first started experimenting with double toning, I stubled upon (and we already mentioned this couple times in our posts) a lightroom preset pack called “Down under” by Nicole Young (you must be getting tired of the pingbacks already ๐Ÿ˜€ ). These presets worked really nice for me for almost any photo and as you might have guessed, they all contained split toning to some extent. When I stopped using the pirated lightroom, the only thing I was missing in RT was split toning (and maybe adjustment brush, but hey, I got GIMP, right?). So, what I’m trying now is to recreate some of my favourite presets from the preset pack. The process is not easy. Instead of trying and failing to reproduce the look, I took a more scientific approach – I extract the information from the preset files by opening them in text editor and trying to transfer the values to RT. It is working, but it’s not always 100% succes. On the other hand, if I don’t reproduce the presets exactly, but I make them work nicely for majority of photos, I’ll be happy! And if I come up with something useful, I’ll definatelly share it with you!

Another thing, that’s keeping me occupied is a new speedlite a recently bought. I’m still getting into grips with it, but I’m not ready to share anything yet. But I don’t think it will take much longer ;).ย  Maybe you can expect a short review as well…

As to the photo, it’s pretty much self explanatory…

Have a great day!



And here are some more split-toned photos I was toying around with…



Oh and here’s the extra photo I promised in the beginning ๐Ÿ˜€



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