Thing a Week – 3


I gotta say it’s kind of a relieve not having to worry about a photo every day…but still I’m not having as much time and subjects as I would like. last week, I decided to go for a macro. And if I’m in a good mood, I’ll stitch together some little tips for macro this week. I really wanted to do a macro of a particular stone I keep at home, but I couldn’t find in in the haste as I was going to Jana’s place, so in the end i settled for a little abstract photo. Thumbs up to anyone who can guess what’s in the picture below ;). When I started editing it in RawTherapee, I tried to switch to black and white, because the image didn’t really do the right impression while coloured. But I forgot to turn off colour toning I was trying before that. What I got was, colour-wise, very similiar to what you see in the resulting picture. I really enjoyer the soft pink/violet tint on the picture and in the end I decided to go with it. Then I played a bit with wavelet decompose plugin for gimp (awesome thing btw…), some blurring and noise reduction and voila! Also, I originally wanted to have a bit deeper depth of field, but even with the aperture quite high, I couldn’t get more that few milimetres (note I was using Jana’s 500D with canon 18-50 IS lens, which are pretty similiar to my sony SEL 18-50, but considering macro DoF, they are very different!). And one last thing: has anybody out there any idea on how to get rid of the colour banding in these gradients when blurring the image?!

Have a great week!




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