Forever Gone Without a Trace

Hi everyone!

I’d love to share some more photos with you, but unfortunately, I can’t. BUT I have some newly gained wisdom to share!

So…we all know it’s good to have some backup storage…be it a cloud or external HDD, it just works and makes sense. You have to remember tho, it’s good to actually put something on this storage! Recently I was planning to backup my work, but over the weekend I had some issues with my pc, which lead me to a clean install of  the OS. And this is the funny part. I have two drives in my laptop: a 750 GB HDD and 120 GB SSD. My system is of course on the SSD. When I got to partitioning the drive and selecting the OS install location, I first deleted the old partition on SSD and as I went to delete the system reserved partition (about 300 MB) on the SSD, I didn’t notice the selection switched to the data partition on the HDD. And then I clicked “format”. You can imagine my joy when I realised what just happened. In that moment, I was only able to let a quies “f*ck” out and stare blankly at the screen. So much for backup 😀

Now I can just look back at it and laugh…what else is left there to do :D. Luckilly, I had some photos still on the SD card, so I might be actually able to share something soon.


Just so you don’t hate me, here is one of the older photos I think was quite good 🙂



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