King of Apathy

Hi followers!

Last year about this time, we took a resolution to make a photo for every day in 2014. So far, I’m failing this miserably! I have three weeks ot go with about 100 photos to catch up. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I’m not really counting on it…I’ll try tho! And altho maybe not  till the end of this year, I will certainly finish the 365. We already decided to do noth a 365 photos in 2015, but just 52. The hope is there will be some shift toward quality, instead of quantity. And why did I fail the 365? I don’t know myself, but I account it all to the occasional apathy. I believe I could do it, even with my studies, but sometimes I just want to sit back with a hot yerba and do nothing. If I could manage to bost my morale in those moments, I would have the 365 done by now 😀 I’d like to apologise here to my favourite band, IN LEGEND, for stealing the title of their newest released music video: King of Apathy! Also, here is some more photos fot the yet incomplete 365.



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