Lab Rat


Have you yet played the awesome game, Portal? If yes, then you can probably relate to the title of this post 😀 . As a nanotechnology student, I sometimes feel like such a lab rat, spending my days in the lab. When working on my bachelor’s thesis, I could almost sleep in there while trying to make some progress. Currently, I’m studying for my master’s degree and I’ve been eble to join an interesting project run by the university in Liberec – children’s university. Children from primary and secondary schools are signed up for some courses with various topics (the one I’m engaged with is called material chemistry) and are treated almost like regular university students. It is quite strange for me as I’m not educated nor studying to be a teacher, but rather a scientist and researcher. But I’m handling it 😀 The photo is actually from one of the lessons with kids.

BTW & FYI: An Aperture Science lab coat is quite high on my wishlist 😀



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