Horned Viper

You might remember seeing some snakes in previous photos. They were all shot at the natinal museum in Zadar. There was a snake exposition and they were really great to photograph. I had a Canon lele lens 55 to 250, connected via a convertor for NEX. Of course, I haven’t yet found a courage, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever will, to buy one with electronics, so I had to use manual focus and had no option to change aperture. I simply set the aperture to the lowest number at Jana’s 500D and hoped for a good results. I didn’t really need to change the aperture anyway, as it was quite dark in there and I therefore had to keep my aperture as low as possible. And it was a great practice for manual focusing!

I had to tinker with the shot a bit to get the result I wanted, but i believe it was worth the time!



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