Slovenian Border


Another travelling photo. This time from a border between Austria and Slovenia. What I like about travelling is that you not only get to know the country you are going to, but you encounter a number of people on the way and you get to see something from every place you’re going through. The whole way to Croatia is very nice and some places have that great “aww” factor. But there are some negatives too… Nice example is Slovenia. While the country is beautiful, the price for driving 35 kilometres on their highway is just a ripoff. Well, for us a ripoff, for them a gold mine. It’s done really cleverly: nobody goes to slovenia, but everyone goes through it to Croatia. Families usually go there for a week, so logically, a 7 day vignette should be enough. But no…it’s so, that the vignette ends exactly the day before you leave! Without the possibility to buy a 10-day vignette (as it is in Austria), you are forced to buy it for a whole month. That means, that instead of 15 euro for a week, you pay 30 for a month. 30 euro for 35 kilometres!!! And even at 3 a.m., there were people controlling vignettes and…well, getting even more money when someone tries his luck :D. The solution is simple: close your eyes, hand over the money and put the sticker somewhere at your windshield.

Sham I didn’T get the border from the other side…the photo would be in colours šŸ˜€



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