I Heard Kids Like Selfies These Days…


At our summer job with Jana, we are assistants at suburban sport camp for children and kids these days…well…they’re now what we used to be. I remember coming home from school, persuading my mum we had no homework and then running out with friends to play. But these kids?! I mean alright, it’s another time now, but this is in my opinion too much. Instead of joining in on some team sport, they sit somewhere in a shadow, talking about phones, computers and computer games and I get the feeling, succes for these kinds is defined by time spent at a computer daily. Since my sister is 11, I therefore get a chance to observe the younger mindset and I’ve come to the following conclusion: some parents just make up for their lack of creativity or interest in communication with their kids by “spoiling” them. That’s really the parent’s problem, but a complication is, that these kids become something of a “leaders” in their society…and other kids  try to be like them…and terorize the parents with high-end gaming PCs. And the topic, where I’m (we’re) totally lost with these kids is photography. Apparently, the hit of today “modern” photography, are selfies. WTF? The thing that scares me is that those kids could actually grow up to be photographers and who would be their audience? Their mates, who helped to form this selfie-based trend…Scary thought…

But to hopefully chatch up with the young, I took this selfie…I know I don’t have bikini, I’m not duckfaced and I’m not sitting on a toilet (or wherever they take these snaps…), but for me, this is quite enough 😀



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