A Concert in a Chapel

Aloha! (I’m really tired of the ‘ol “Hi!”)

Few weeks ago, we were at this castle…it’s called Sloup. It’s an amazing place…a stronghold, cut into a mountainside, carved in a rock. And the place in the photo is the castle chapel (as you might have guessed 😀 ) and it’s really spectacular place. We’ve been there many times and they’ve always boasted about the acoustics in the chapel, yet they never gave us any proof. Well, this time they totally made up for that. Those two musicians played songs like hallelujah, tears in heaven, imagine and many others and there was noone left without goosebumps! The acoustics there really is as great as they said and it’s no wonder wedding are often held here. Also, in the summer, every saturday they play concerts in the candlelight…unfortunatelly we didn’t get to see/hear that 😦



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