Ok, we’re there…the first 100!

Hello to everyone, but especially our followers!

After about half a year, we finally lured a hundred people to our site and forced them to push the follow button. We’re certainly glad someone likes our work and gives us an important feedback. And as promised, we prepared a little something for you all!

You probably notices we take pleasure in HDR photos. Among the professionals, this technique is quite unpoppular, but we find it really fascinating. It is nice to have that digital age advantage! And since we like this technique so much, we decided to create our very own HDR tutorial…you guessed right, that is the big surprise revelation! You you can find it in the main menu under “INSIDER”. In, fact, the whole “INSIDER” section is being started by this. Soon we hope to expand this section by some neat photography tricks, reviews and tutorials. Please note, that only the text version of the HDR tutorial is being relesed; it will take more time to come up with the video. In soon time, we will also try to add one more page to the tutorial and that is the “finishing touch”. The video will definatelly include that part too.

I know there are many good HDR tutorials out there and you might be asking “why the hell should this make some didfference?”. The tutorials you usually see are mostly focused on Photomatix and we have to agree it’s a great tool to use! But recenly we try to switch to the open source programs, because you usually don’t have to pay 100+ bucks for every piece of software and because many times, they offer more flexibility and control. That’s why you will find in our tutorial a part dedicated to open source Luminance HDR as well as Photomatix. After doing a quick search, we found out there isn’t really much Luminance tutorials…there are few, but they are usually pretty general. We would like to change that. As we see it, the open source software usually drived peoplle away with its complicatedness and ther eusually isn’t any guide for a total newbie to use the software properly and that’s why many people end up buying the “recommended” software, bacause it’s too much pain otherwise. That’s alsow something I would like to appeal to the open sourcce software creatours: Aside from the extremely capable and universal version, you should usually also release a BFU version! 😀

But now, without further ado, the HDR tutorial ladies and getlemen! (click the picture 😉 )



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