Money well spent

Hi everyone!

Two days ago, we went to see Bill Bailey’s show Qualmpeddler. I think it’s the first time Bill has been doing a show here in Czech republic and you can imagine it took only couple of hours and it was sold out. Jana managed to get three tickets and so we fulfilled one of our great dreams: to go see Bill Bailey show. It was so great it’s impossible to describe! My belly hurt from constant laughter and I had tears in my eyes.

I took the picture towards the end of the show. Also I had to be quite sneaky, cause it’s kinda forbidden to photograph the show unless you have a lincense and my NEX turned out to be great for this purpose. It’s really a shame I did not have time to adjust the setting on multiple shots…this is the only one I dared to take. I also felt a bit infeerior with the tiny mirrorless body and puny 18-55 mm lens, since right next to me was a photographer for the show with Canon 1D with monster 500 mm lens. I think this is one of the reasons, why mirrorless cameras are still somewhat distrusted: they don’t look as professional as these giant DSLRs. For a moment, it seemed to me there’s no point taking a photo and embarassing myself next to that Canon cannon, but I just had to go for it. I then tinkered a bit with it in RawTherapee and OnOne PE8. Sorry about the slight blur and the superbright head, but as I said, it was a sneak shot and I didn’t have time to tinker with the settings.



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