Misty Morning

Hi everyone!

I took the photo below about a week ago at a mineralology walk it was about 10 am and it was raining quite heavily the day before so this beautiful mist covered the whole area. It’s a shame jpeg format wasnt able to keep all the black tones…the gradient in the foreground got veeery messed up 😦

I processed this with Rawtherapee, which Ifinally managed to debug and run again on my PC. Compared to LR, I’d say its capabilities are same  (maybe except for the adjustment brush), but it still lacks some fluency in the process. Don’t get me wrong…it’s still a very powerfull tool and I love to process the photos in it. If you know what all those sliders and checkboxes do, it’s nice, but should a newbie to photography and editing come across this, I think it may put him/her off. What I’m trying to say is that it show have (and maybe it has…but I didn’t come across it) some button to turn on some siple mode with just some sliders you are most likely to use. It can also be tricky before you get in grips with processing raw files, since there are few methods how the program reads them. Well….so much for my opinion :D. I also added a bit of “halo” effect in onOne Perfect Effects.



4 thoughts on “Misty Morning

      • And since WP isn’t really giving away tons of storage, we always export for web in reduced quallity. I then upload max quallity jpegs on flickr, but in this case it looks really shitty all across the web…when I open them in my PC, they looks quite well, even as jpegs…
        Anyway, thanks for your support 🙂

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