Across the Pond

Hello everyone,

it’s been a while we know…but now it’s the end of the semester in our school and we haven’t got any time to process photos. We take photos…but they’re lying in our computer folders and waiting for editing. But because we can’t overdo our work, I add one new picture. It was taken one week ago. This beautiful meadow with the river and flowers around, it’s a pond called Strasik. Last year there was a flood, caused mainly by a rupture of the pond’s embankment (and that’s what you can actually see in the picture). It’s weird when you walk on the bottom of what used to be a pond. Photo was taken with stacked cokin filters – ND4 + ND8 + G.ND8. And also with a  CPL filter. With this I was able to push the shutter up to 15 seconds in the daylight. Stanley will be adding a photo from this location too.

Hope you like the photo.




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