Colours of the evening


Continuing my struggle to carry camera around all the time, a mobile protograph! I mean, I’d love to carry my NEX6 around all the time, but when I have to carry my 17 inch laptop, a lab coat and run around the university all day with it, it gets heavy. I took this one from a car (obviously πŸ˜€ ) while my mom was driving (that’s another thing..after the day of schoolwork, I try to help her too). Somewhere in my bag on the backseat were the Cokin G.ND filters, which are great with mobile phones, but I didn’t have time to find them. In the end, I turned the foreground down to black as much as possible, while keeping the traffic lights good and clear and I think they make a great contrast with the evening skies. I usually try to edit it in the phone in the app Fhotoroom, but this time, it’s Lightroom work πŸ˜‰ . And speaking of Lighroom, you may have notices I said something about using the open sourse programs (or closed source, but free) and I have made this pass quite successfuly with Phtomatix -> Luminance, but didn’t hold my promise with Lightroom -> RawTherapee. The reason is simple: I broke my RawTherapee πŸ˜€ . But I plan a big system reinstall in about a month or so, so then I’m gonna go for RawTherapee again!





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