Colour amongst concrete

Heya all!

I try to keep up with the 365, but it’s hard with all the work and research I’m doing. So, while waiting for a professor, I captured a picture of the new university building from the inside. Well, it’s a year old and the newest one is being built next to it right now. This is from building L and almost all the nanomaterial research is located here. And since it was build for mainly technical purposes, it’s halls are large, so even a car can drive through them and the other day I’ve seen some people moving inside a huge metal tank for something…there is just so much space amongst the concrete walls! But the sitting (and waiting) areas are equipped with these orange chairs and it creates a nice colour contrast! This is a single photo edited with lightroom. Also, it might look like some colour keying, but it’s not colour keyed.  The colour really stands out that much 😀 And please excuse the black bands in the left corners…it’s a jpeg artifact due to reduced quallity 😦 .




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