Hamsters at work

Hi everyone!

So, I have now about 7 day delay on the 365 project, but I guess that doesn’t matter. I’m gonna catch up on it later…promise. Also, I managed to format my SD card before I imported the photos, so about 600 photos from a zoo are lost forever…what a shame…there were really nice pictures in there. Despite having a lot of work on my bachelor thesis, I still try to do at least something woth photography. So, today I’ll give you a little preview on what I (we) am working on. In time, we would like to also give you some good info and tips in a form a videos. And for every video, it’s nice to have some intro. And that’s what I’m working on now ;). This may not be the finished version yet, since Jana had some nice idead about modifying it, but it’s already pretty much to our liking…and I hope your’s too :D.



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