A Game of Tones

Good morning!

One last photo from the really photogenic forest pond and this is in my opinion one of my best shots from there! It’s and HDR again since it was neraly impossible to shoot such a thing any other way, because of the had sunlight. 3 exposures from -2 to +2, merged in photomatix and addded some radial filters in Lightroom. Never before have I used the photomatix deghosting feature, but in this photo I had to. ou can see Jana crouching in the left part of the picture and, naturally, she was moving a bit. I was really surprised to see, how well does photomatix do the deghosting. Justa Β circle around the area and pooof..done πŸ˜€ .

I apologise if some pictures are low quallity. This is because wordpress is giving us just 3 GB of space and we don’t really want to pay for more πŸ˜€ (at least not now when the blog is in the beginning). If but some picture really catches your eye and you would like to print it or something..or put it up as your wallpaper, just leave a comment and we’ll post a link to full res picture. We used to link the pictures to their full res counterparts on our cloud storage, but we got a bit lazier and don’t do that anymore πŸ˜€ .




2 thoughts on “A Game of Tones

  1. Stanley, gorgeous shot! Have you ever thought about posting on 500px.com? I post images to there oand on flickr then use the embedd tool to bring it to my blog, no space issues! Plus is more exposure of your work too!

    • Hi Greg,
      Oh, I’m glad you like it! Of course, I know about this option. Both Jana and me have our flickr accounts and the terabyte of space is incredible! And when we run out of wordpress space, we’re gonna swith to this method. Right now, since we’re both amateurs/hobbyists and also university students, we just post the low quallity photo of about 1 – 1.5 megabytes and at this rate, the 3 GB should last us at least some time. I’ve tried to convince myself to switch to this flickr method few times already, but often I’m glad I’m able to post that photo for the day and I just try to hit the Publish button as fast as possible, without having to go through a load of websites to embed. Thaniks for the 500px tip anyway…I’ve heard about it many times, but never have been convinced to try using it πŸ˜€

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