The Big Dipper

Hello everyone!

Last week I tried some star photography and I managed (not to my knowing at that time) to capture Orion pretty nice. Yesterday the night sky was nice and clear, so I tried capturing yet another constellation, the Big Dipper (I know it’s not exactly a constellation in it’s own, but whatever šŸ˜€ ). I had to fight a lot of light pollution from the city and all the images were quite yellowish at the bottom. Also, there was quite a lot of noise, since I forgot the remote and could only shoot up to 30 seconds exposure and at this, the photos were strongly underexposed even at the lowest f stop. Also, I had a bit of trouble with focusing…again! I could see no stars whatsoever through the viewfinder and LiveView, so I had to try some focus, quick exposure with high ISO and refocus. Hope you will like the result!




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