Teach a Giraffe to Ski!

Hello everyone!

This photo would be better if I had more time to capture it. We went for an evening skiing with Jana on sunday. The slope was almost empty, but as you can see, there is not much snow (given the crazy weather). But surprisingly, the snow was quite good. If you’re wondering about the title, it’s because of my darling Jana. Since she is quite tall, she looks a bit like a giraffe (Melman 😀 ) and also, she is just learning it, which just enhances the illusion 😉 . We knew, there would be a lot to photograph and also, that the wiev of the town of Liberec at night is awesome…and it really was! It’s a pity I forgot to charge the battery…but we managed to get few photos before the camera died. And from time to time, we were able to convince the camera to cooperate as we were driving home, so we have another nice light lines photos, taht we will upload later.

Photo was Merged to HDR in Photomatix, then processe with another one of my favourite nicolesy’s presets, called Lighthouse and a little tinkering with radial and gradient filters in LR.



And a little video from the lift, as we were going up the slope. Filmed with HTC Radar and unedited. I wanted to put up a footage of Jana skiing (and falling 😀 ) but she forced me not to…or did she? 😀

See 2:00 for a touchdown 😉


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