It’s All ‘Bout the Layers!

Greetings to you, whoever reads this!

Today I finally nearly accomplished my last two weeks’s goal: star photography. Weather was really nice the whole day and I was sure the nightsky will be clear and full of stars! And yes, it was…till about 7 pm.  As I started ascending to this small hill near my home, large patches of clouds suddenly started appearing in the sky. Before I even could set the right values for exposure, aperture and ISO, stars were gone. And so, I started photographing the cityscpae with clouds. Sometimes though, the clouds tore and areas of stars became visible. I was using a manual focus all the time, focused somewhere on the city (stars were not visible on the LCD) and I was also forced to use a quite high ISO value (1600 and 3200) which made quite a mess in dark areas (visible when you zoom in on the picture). My f stop was set usually as low as possible for sake of a short shutter speed. When the shutter was longer than about 6 seconds, the movement in the clouds was way too visible and ended up with covering the skies in white. The best shots turned up when using high ISO, low f stop and shutter speed about 5 seconds.

Tomorrow, I will be uploading a little gallery from this shoot and I hope you will like it :-D.




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