It’s been a while, I know….

Hi everyone!

It’s been five days since my lasst post and I’d like to catch up on the 365 project. I have a lot to do these days…what with all the exams… and have little time left for photography. So at least I try to process the photos already  taken this January. Also, I will not share all these photos at once 😀 This evening’s batch will be called “Light”. And you’ll know why!

I took this a couple of days ago. I was just carrying the tripod with the camera over my shoulder as I saw the bus aproaching. It took me about a second to decide and another three to set the tripod and turn the camera on. Luckily the settings were quite OK as I had no time to change that and I got the light streaks quite nicely!


And for those who have seen my post, Ball la Grande, here is THE BALL by Milan Hauser in colours! You can see the line is blue 😉



Coming up tomorrow, B&W city!




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